Council Decision(s)

March 29, 2021






2020 Statement of Remuneration and Expenses Paid to Members of Council and Committees


-           Report from Finance Department, March 16, 2021


That the annual statement of remuneration and expenses paid to members of Council and appointed members of the Committee of Adjustment prepared by the Financial Operations Department, in accordance with Section 284 of the Municipal Act, 2001, be received.




Corporate Policy and Procedure Update


-           Report from Clerk's Department, March 16, 2021



That the new Code of Conduct for members of local boards and advisory committees (G-BRD-002-005) be approved.



That the Time At and Away From Work Policy (HR-MNG-001) be reconfirmed as approved, and that the related procedures be received:



Flex Time Procedure (HR-MNG-001-012);



Reduced Work Week Procedure (HR-MNG-001-013); and



Remote Work Arrangement Procedure (HR-MNG-001-014) (formerly ‘Telecommuting Procedure’).



That the Compressed Work Week Procedure (HR-MNG-001-011) be rescinded.



That the updated Wearing of non-medical masks / face coverings Policy (MS-REG-002) be approved, and the updated related Wearing of non-medical masks / face coverings Procedure (MS-REG-002-001) be received.







Application to Conduct Charitable Lottery Events - St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church


-           Report from Clerk's Department, March 16, 2021


That the request from St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church to conduct charitable lottery events in the Town of Oakville be approved.




COVID-19 Update


-           Verbal Update from the CAO




That the verbal update from the CAO be received.




Oakville Enterprises Corporation (OEC) Quarterly Update and Authorization Request


-           Report from Commissioner of Corporate Services,

March 16, 2021



That the presentation from Rob Lister, President and CEO of the Oakville Enterprises Corporation (OEC), regarding the Oakville Enterprises Corporation Quarterly Update, be received.



That the amendment contained in the correspondence to the Commissioner of Corporate Services dated March 10, 2021, from Karen Marner, Chief Financial Officer, Oakville Enterprises Corporation, attached as Appendix A, be approved.



That the Mayor, as Shareholder Representative pursuant to the Shareholder Declaration, be authorized to sign the resolution for and on behalf of the Town in  its capacity as the sole shareholder.




Development Charges Update Study and By-law Amendment


-           Report from Finance Department, March 16, 2021



That the new Development Charges Interest Policy F-FPC-007 and related Development Charges Interest Procedure F-FPC-007-001 be approved;



That the Development Charges Update Study dated January 28, 2021 be approved;



That Council determine that no further public meetings are required under Section 12 of the Development Charges Act, 1997;



That Development Charges By-law 2021-016, a by-law to amend By-law 2018-001, Town of Oakville Development Charge By- law, 2018, be passed; and that the amended by-law shall take effect at 12:01 am on April 1, 2021.




2020 Economic Development Annual Report


-           Report from Economic Development and Corporate Strategy Department, March 23, 2021


That the staff report from the Economic Development department entitled 2020 Economic Development Annual Report, dated March 23, 2021 be received.




Advancement of Community Infrastructure


-           Report from Mayor Rob Burton, March 23, 2021



THAT staff be directed to advance the following community infrastructure projects:
        a.  Advancement of Community Infrastructure Projects

             i)  To ensure that all of the North Park plan is shovel ready by the

                     end of 2021 by expanding the scope of the current detail

                   design work to include the future community centre, branch

                     library, and accommodation for the Oakville Soccer Club and 

                   Oakville Gymnastic Club on the site;

                 ii)  To accelerate the design and construction of a skateboard

                      park at Cornwall Park to be in service by the end of 2021;

                 iii) To report back to the May 25, 2021 Council Meeting on 

                    implementation and funding sources to expand the detail

                    design of North Park to include community infrastructure

                    facilities and construct the skateboard park at Cornwall Park.

        b.  Creation of New Community Infrastructure

                 i)  That Council express an interest to the Region of Halton in the

                    purchase of the former reservoir site located at 2273 Trafalgar

                    Road for the purpose of creating a new public park for the

                    public’s enjoyment;



                 ii) The CAO and Town Solicitor be authorized to finalize a

                    purchase of the site upon the Region declaring the site


                 iii) The future acquisition of the site be funded from the Cash in

                    Lieu of Parkland reserve.

       c.  Creation of New Community Infrastructure Celebrating Inclusion

                 i)   Installation of three (3) rainbow crosswalks in the Town’s BIAs

               along Lakeshore Road at Navy Street, Kerr Street, and Bronte

               Road to be constructed by Transportation and Engineering

               staff to ensure safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.

                 ii)  Staff report back to the April 26, 2021 Council meeting on

                implementation and funding sources for the installation of the

                three rainbow crosswalks.






That the following by-law(s) be passed:



A by-law to amend By-law 2018-001, Town of Oakville Development

Charge By-law, 2018. (re: Item 6)



A by-law to declare that certain land is not subject to part lot control (Blocks 458, 461 and 462, Plan 20M-1223 – Hallett Bronte Green Corporation)




A by-law to confirm the proceedings of a meeting of Council



The following by-laws were enacted pursuant to By-law 2020-057, the COVID-19 Emergency Delegation By-law:



A by-law to authorize the extension or suspension of model year restrictions for taxicabs in response to the COVID-19 emergency